Brief Introduction to Xifeng  honor
  Founded in1984, Zhoushan Xifeng Aquatic Co., Ltd. (formerly named the Third Cold Storage Plant Of Zhoushan Ocean Fishery Group Corp.) covers an area of 30000 square metres with more than 500 stuff and workers, and possesses total assets of over RMB60 millions. The company owns advanced production and processing equipment: a 3000-ton ice freezer with a quick-freeze capacity of 100 tons per day; a 500-ton storage freezer with an ice-making capacity of 100 tons per day; precool temperature control workshop with 500 square metres; three I.Q.F. productive lines; four flat quick-freeze machines; one ice-cut machine; a whole-closed two-floor standing temperature processing workshop covering an area of 3200 square metres, having first-class equipment with a yearly productive capacity of 8000 tons end products; two raw material treatment workshops with an area of 1500 square meters ;one fish-flesh precise processing workshop covering an area of 1500 square meters; three docks for thousand-ton-class vessels¨ berthing; a sewage treatment plant with a treatment capacity of 240 tons sewage per day.
  The company incorporates purchasing, freezing and processing aquatic products, machine-ice making, domestic sales and international trade. It has been authorized as the nominated unit for export products by the People¨s Government of Zhejiang Province in1986.Its main export
products are as follows: the squid tubes and rings made of Japanese flying squid, neon flying squid, Argentine shortfin squid; block frozen and seafrozen Chinese squid; monkfish; various shrimps; octopus; small yellow croaker; ribbon and swimming crab,etc.. The chief aquatic products for domestic sales
are the heads and sides of the series of squid mentioned above as well as various shrimps, octopus, small yellow croaker, ribbon and swimming crab, etc.. Among them, the products made of the series of squid have been assessed as non-public-harm agricultural products by the Ministry of Agriculture. The export products are mainly sold to Japan, Korea, Canada, the United States and Europe. And the domestic products are sold to all parts of China.
  ^To win by high quality and to contend for a famous brand ̄ is the purpose of our company. It is carrying out HACCP project for export aquatic products, assessed to comply with the requirements of the international standard. It passed ISO9000 in 1999, and has successfully got the export hygienic registration certificate (registration number:3300/02008) approved in Japan, Korea, the Unite States and Europe. All products of our company are processed and produced according to HACCP plan. And its top-quality products have won identical praise from the domestic and foreign customers. Our company is the important enterprise supported by Dinghai District Government, Zhejiang Province, and is also one of the advanced units earning foreign exchange of Dinghai District Government.
  The company¨s manager is a resourceful and resolute man who can make a correct assessment of situation. He tries to steadily develop the enterprise through extending its scale and expanding its scope of operation. In March of 2005, the company cooperated with Zhejiang Dayang Aquatic Co., Ltd. in setting up a corporation called Zhoushan Hefeng Storage Co., Ltd. engaging in public bonded warehouse. This is the first aquatic public bonded warehouse being under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou Customs. Its volume is 20567.2 cubic metres (4376 square metres). The standing temperature warehouse covers an area of 2695 square metres. Its freezer has a store capacity of 15000 tons. The total investment is about RMB180 millions. The bonded warehouse is mainly used for storing, processing or selling aquatic products, vegetables, fruit, spare parts of machine and electronics products, etc. .
  The company is located at Ximatou Dock having advanced water and land transportation. Ximatou Dock and the well-known Ningbo Harbor faces each other across the sea. And from here, the container ferry can be directly droven to Shanghai!the largest harbor city of China.
  We sincerely wish to establish the extensive economic and trade relationship with all friends both from home and abroad on the basis of mutual benefit, and create a flourishing future together!