Productive Introduction
  The aquatic products of the company are given priority to export,and its domestic sales is assistant.At present,the main export aquatic products are made of series of squid.They are the squid tubes and rings made of Japanese flying squid, Argentine shortfin squid,neon flying squid,block frozen and seafrozen Chinese squid.And we have some quantity of monkfish products to export as well.The main products for domestic sales are the heads and sides of squid mentioned above.Besides,We sell all kinds of shrimps,octopus,ribbon,small yellow croaker and swimming crab.
品名 Name Latin Name
鱿鱼T&T Squid T&T  
北太鱿鱼胴 Bartrami Squid tubes Ommastrephes bartrami
北太鱿鱼圈 Bartrami Squid rings
Ommastrephes bartrami
日本海鱿鱼胴 Japanese flying squid tubes Todarodes pacificus
日本海鱿鱼圈 Japanese flying squid rings Todarodes pacificus
小 鱿 鱼 Baby squid Loligo Japonica
安康鱼 Monkfish products Lophius litulon
章 鱼 Octopus Octopodidae
金枪鱼 Frozen yellow fin tuna (cooked)  
鲣鱼 Frozen skipjack (cooked)